Jan Stronkman

Madilo Games

Focus principale del mio lavoro come autoret

  • Giochi per famiglie
  • Giochi per giocatori esperti
  • Lavori commissionati per agenzie, industria e istituzioni

Il mio concetto durante lo sviluppo di giochi

I am born to play!

We are all born to play, as "Play" defines our culture and good games bring joy and peace to the world. In that sense I am also a Peace Maker and that really excites me!

Bringing an idea into a working 'play concept', especially a tabletop game, that's my passion, goal and legacy!"


Giochi agli editori

Not yet, but ... working very hard on this with a great and fun games. Most actual at this moment is Scarabee - the magic amulet. So far I was able to pitch to 15 publishers and one has a prototype in the house to play it (May-June 2022)


Giochi per altri clienti (ad esempio giochi promozionali)

Triple A game, Royal FrieslandCampina Netherlands
TweetAll, quick introduction game, Royal FrieslandCampina Netherlands
Two in the Mind, Royal FrieslandCampina Netherlands
Ploegam Power Game, familygame for employees and relations of Ploegam BV, Netherlands
Connect! Team building AR game (8+ persons)